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*Original concept created for The Atlanta Opera's 24-Hour Opera Project*

June 30, 2017

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Third Baptist Church Theater

620 N Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63103


Performance every 1/2 hour


About the opera:

TIME AND PLACE: A tiny, but tidy, apartment above the streets of the French Quarter in contemporary New Orleans. When the sun goes down, the music comes up.


SYNOPSIS: Bourbon Street, beignets, Mardi Gras... but behind the parade is where the magic is made. A Creole mystic peels back the curtain on the low-­rent apartment of a couple in domestic dispute over – what else? In-­law problems. “Stella!!?!” Yes, that Stella, but the Neanderthal in the tight white T bellowing at his wife is no Marlon Brando. And Blanche isn’t, well suffice it to say that Stanley isn’t the only one in for a surprise. When his sister-­in-­law makes her grand entrance, the diaphanous southern belle is a rather robust tenor. The sisters are thrilled to reunite, but Blanche’s tenuous ties to reality clash with Stanley’s earthy sensuality. A passionate rage erupts that brings Stanley to his knees and the mysterious Mystic reappears to escort Stella’s sister away. Blanche DuBois has always relied on the kindness of strangers. In New Orleans, apparently, the stranger the better.

Liam Wade (Composer)- Liam Wade was the recipient of the Wagner Society of Northern California William O. Cord Memorial Grant Fund in 2015. He also received the 2014 Boston Metro Opera Festival Award for his opera, Part of the Act; and the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music 2014 Musical Grant Program Award for his song cycle, Full Fathom Five.


Wade’s one act opera, The Stranger The Better, won the 2016 Audience Award at The Atlanta Opera’s 24-Hour Opera Project and was selected for workshops at Hartford Opera Theater and West Edge Opera.

His chamber opera, Part of the Act, was commissioned by Washington National Opera and premiered at the Kennedy Center on their 2012-13 season. His music has been heard on concerts at La Jolla Music Society, ProQuartet France, Toronto Music Garden, One Ounce Opera, Hartford Opera Theater, The Atlanta Opera, West Edge Opera, Academy of Vocal Arts, The Kennedy Center and Semperoper Dresden.

Vynnie Meli (Librettist)playwright, lyricist, librettist from Rochester, NY who’s lived in Atlanta long enough to miss snow. Meli’s operettas have been performed in various festivals and venues across the country and in one Australian outlier.“The Stranger the Better” apparently, as she and composer Liam Wade are already considering their next collaboration. Meli’s musical A Cappella was developed at the Alliance Theatre’s Reiser Atlanta Artist Lab. It received several NYMF Awards at the New York Musical Festival as well as the Stage Rights Publishing Award. Other works include the plays Chopped Liver in Paradise, Orbital Debris, The Rhythm Darlings, and the musical Plagued - A Love Story with composer Casey Filiaci. 


A member of the Dramatists Guild, Inc.; Working Title Playwrights

about the creators:


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Kurtis Shoemake

Stage Director & Designer


Sarah Gallaher*


Collaborative Pianist

Stephanie Ruggles



Nathan Ruggles*



Danielle Krispin*



*Company Debut

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